My shiny new 13 inch

A little late but ever so worth the wait! My little box of glowing keys arrived today and is the latest addition to scratch my technophilia itch. Glowing keys? It’s the new 13″ macbook from apple sporting an illuminated keyboard among other bells and wolf whistles.

To replace my aging 15″ Powerbook G4 with a slimmer, lighter model was a little heartbreaking but to shoot video and edit on the run, it’s the most suitable and reliable bit of kit I could find… minus a firewire port! But you cant have everything right?!

Here’s a pic of the little fella raring to go…


  • Damon

    HNY Matt.
    Nice to see you cradling your new baby, not quite as demanding as mine though I reckon!
    Glad your odyssey has finally begun, great to see you pursuing your passion for all things bendy.
    Enjoy every day and may you meet the woman of your dreams in some hot & sultry bikram room.

  • Pete Moring

    Mac? When will you arty types learn? 😉

  • Tanya

    Nice! A new laptop is always exciting … though I can relate to the wrench of letting the old one, that has served you well, go …