I’m just not ready for marble smugglers!

I started practising Bikram Yoga in my surfing boardies. I definitely wasn’t comfortable rocking up in marble smugglers (Speedo style costume) and I really didn’t own anything else. It wasn’t long before I was feeling restricted in my postures. Yes my board shorts are baggy but when they get soaked, they cling to you and hinder fluid movement, especially when getting down to some serious triangle action.

I self consciously started wearing my old bike knicks to give me the freedom of movement. They do the job pretty well, especially when I can ride to class and go straight in, although riding home in soaking knicks in winter really wasn’t that enjoyable. I also get some strange looks as bike knicks can be pretty lairy!

So I’m on the search for yoga wear to give me freedom of movement, is light, easily washable, looks decent and will last the distance.

Before the comments start, NO I will not do the rabbit in the Borat mankini!

Is there a superior product on the market for us yogis? Stay tuned and I’ll see what I can find…

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