Going Green with a Folding Bike

If you’ve read about my intentions to “Go Green” in The Challenge, you’ll see I’m committed to making my travels as eco friendly as possible. Yes I’ll be burning through the ozone as I fly between destinations but as soon as I hit the ground I’ll be unzipping my bag and riding off on an ultra light folding bike.

That’s the plan anyway, so I’m on the search for a suitable set of wheels to take with me and today I test rode a Dahon Mu SL. Thanks to an aluminium frame, the super light Mu SL weighs in at only 8.7 kgs (19.4lbs).

With fold up dimensions of 36 x 64 x 81 cm (14″ x 25″ x 32″) that’s small and light enough to pack in with my clothes and still be under the airline luggage limit!

Some will say it looks a little clown-ish but the bike rode surprisingly well, is comfortable, speedy and has some decent running gear. It’ll be perfect for getting to and from yoga and cruising the streets while I’m away. When folded, it’s small enough to take on a bus or train for longer commutes.

With a price tag of around AUD $1800 it’s quite expensive. There are cheaper fold ups but none I’ve found (so far) as light as the Mu SL. It would be nice if I could score some sponsorship from Dahon… hmm, I might just give these guys a call and see how we go. I’ll keep you posted…

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  • http://bicycleuc.wordpress.com/ xiousgeonz

    The bikes only look odd…and the more there are, the less odd that will be 😀 Go, go, go!

  • admin

    Hey thanks for the support xiousgeonnz!

  • Dagi

    Hey Matt!
    Good work!
    You def have a new-old fan in Germany!

  • Matt

    Hey Dagi, thanks for dropping by! Funny, only yesterday I was wondering how I could fit Germany into my trip. Hope you’re well xx

  • gurunick

    Hey Matt, when you are in transit will you be wearing the same aerodynamic tiger print spandex you wear while doing your stretches? I think that the reduced drag would further reduce your carbon footprint. Of course you’ll have to shave and oil to reach the optimal coefficient. 🙂 xx

  • Matt

    Gurunick, what a great suggestion!
    I was actually thinking of tattooing my body with the petals of a lotus leaf but Bikram didn’t appear that happy with the yogis that were sporting tattoos at the Bikram Seminar in Sydney this year.
    Oh and it is a tigress print I wear as the tiger print unfortunately didn’t come in fluro.

  • Dagi

    Cool! Is there only one studio in Germany? Is Berlin the only one? Well, there’s a small chance that I’ll be working there. MAYBE…I’ll know more in December!

  • Matt

    Hey Dagi, there are 8 studio’s in Germany. Berlin x2, Frankfurt, Hamburg x3, Munich and Potsdam. I’ve just updated my Bikram Yoga Worldwide locations map for you, to include the studios for Germany. http://www.endlessbender.com/bikram-yoga/

  • Edward Burns


    It’s A$1100 at Bike Depot Sydney. It’s an online store, but they have a shop in Enmore. Been there, good service. Googleable.

  • http://typicaldenmark.blogspot.com/ Erik Metzger

    Hi yogi Matt, look forward to seeing you in Malmø!