A Willing Victim

Fresh out of the Tranquil Loft and I’m probably feeling more lofty than tranquil, having undergone some serious Traction, Active Release and another technique called Large Elbow Deep Diggin, otherwise known as deep tissue massage!

“I had the crowbar out today” a grinning Will Elrick explains. With a “Flamin’ heck” thrown in for good measure, I can just imagine Will cracking a macadamia nut between his forefinger and thumb.

Will’s speciality is Active Release and if I could afford to take a massage therapist on my trip, he would be the man. Only problem is, he has his own journey planned. Wtf mate?

With a sparkle to his eyes, you know there’s more to the man than his larrikin smile. If you think Mt Everest is old news, think again as this bloke is about to get your attention real quick!

Check out Will’s journey here.

For those interested in a great massage, Will is based in Sydney. When I’m on the Sunshine Coast, Manyia is the undisputed queen of massage and is also a Bikram Yoga teacher. More on Manyia soon.

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One Response to A Willing Victim

  1. Will Elrick September 16, 2008 at 9:33 am #

    Mate love the shot. Thanks for that.
    The bike is looking brilliant to…how good is that. I wonder what its like to ride? Thats awesome that you are going to do it as environmentally friendly as possible. Nice.
    Training is going along well here. Although taking that time off has now, well getting the fitness back is a taking abit longer, but all is good.
    Mate keep up the awesome work and talk soon.