Progress Jul-Dec 2009

A visual of my progress for the second 6 months: Jul – Dec. The last 2 columns show day 365 and day 1 so you can see how much my body changed.  Check out the pics from Jan – Jul 2009.

7 Jul 09 23 Aug 09 25 Sep 09 10 Nov 09 7 Dec 09 Day 365 Day 1
Pranayama, Part 1 m6-01a m7-01a m8-01a m10-01a m11-01a m12-01a
Pranayama, Part 2 m6-01b m7-01b m8-01b m10-01b m11-01b m12-01b
Arda Chandrasana, Pada Hastasana, Part 1 m6-02a m7-02a m8-02a m10-02a m11-02a m12-02a m0-02a
Arda Chandrasana, Pada Hastasana, Part 2 m6-02b m7-02b m8-02b m10-02b m11-02b m12-02b m0-02b
Arda Chandrasana, Pada Hastasana, Part 3 m6-02c m7-02c m8-02c m10-02c m11-02c m12-02c
Arda Chandrasana, Pada Hastasana, Part 4 m6-02d m7-02d m8-02d m10-02d m11-02d m12-02d m0-02d
Utktasana, Part 1 m6-03a m7-03a m8-03a m10-03a m11-03a m12-03a m0-03a
Utktasana, Part 2 m6-03b m7-03b m8-03b m10-03b m11-03b m12-03b m0-03b
Utktasana, Part 3 m6-03c m7-03c m8-03c m10-03c m11-03c m12-03c
Garurasana, right m6-04a m7-04a m8-04a m10-04a m11-04a m12-04a m0-04a
Garurasana, left m6-04b m7-04b m8-04b m10-04b m11-04b m12-04b
Dandayamana Janushirasana, right m6-05a m7-05a m8-05a m10-05a m11-05a m12-05a
Dandayamana Janushirasana, left m6-05b m7-05b m8-05b m10-05b m11-05b m12-05b m0-05b
Dandayamana Dhanurasana, right m6-06a m7-06a m8-06a m10-06a m11-06a m12-06a
Dandayamana Dhanurasana, left m6-06b m7-06b m8-06b m10-06b m11-06b m12-06b m0-06b
Tuladandasana, right m6-07a m7-07a m8-07a m10-07a m11-07a m12-07a m0-07a
Tuladandasana, left m6-07b m7-07b m8-07b m10-07b m11-07b m12-07b
Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana m6-08b m7-08a m8-08a m10-08b m11-08a m12-08b m0-08b
Trikanasana, right m6-09a m7-09a m8-09a m10-09a m11-09a m12-09a m0-09a
Trikanasana, left m6-09b m7-09b m8-09b m10-09b m11-09b m12-09b
Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Janushirasana, right m6-10a m7-10a m8-10a m10-10a m11-10a m12-10a m0-10a
Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Janushirasana, left m6-10b m7-10b m8-10b m10-10b m11-10b m12-10b
Tadasana, right m6-11a m7-11a m8-11a m10-11a m11-11a m12-11a
Tadasana, left m6-11b m7-11b m8-11b m10-11b m11-11b m12-11b m0-11b
Padangustasana, right m6-12a m7-12a m8-12a m10-12a m11-12a m12-12a
Padangustasana, left m6-12b m7-12b m8-11b1 m10-12b m11-12b m12-12b m0-11b
Savasana m6-13 m7-13 m8-13 m10-13 m11-13
Pavanamuktasana Part 1 m6-14a m7-14a m8-14a m10-14a m11-14a m12-14a m0-14a
Pavanamuktasana Part 1 m6-14b m7-14b m8-14b m10-14b m11-14b m12-14b
Pavanamuktasana Part 2 m6-14c m7-14c m8-14c m10-14c m11-14c m12-14c m0-14c
Bhujangasana m6-16 m7-16 m8-16 m10-16 m11-16 m12-16 m0-16
Salabhasana Part 1 m6-17a m7-17a m8-17a m10-17a m11-17a m12-17a
Salabhasana Part 2 m6-17b m7-17b m8-17b m10-17b m11-17b m12-17b
Salabhasana Part 3 m6-17c m7-17c m8-17c m10-17c m11-17c m12-17c m0-17c
Poorna Salabhasana m6-18 m7-18 m8-18 m10-18 m11-18 m12-18 m0-18
Dhanurasana m6-19 m7-19 m8-19 m10-19 m11-19 m12-19 m0-19
Supta Vajrasana m6-20 m7-20 m8-20 m10-20 m11-20 m12-20 m0-20
Ardha Kurmasana m6-21 m7-21 m8-21 m10-21 m11-21 m12-21 m0-21
Ustrasana m6-22 m7-22 m8-22 m10-22 m11-22 m12-22 m0-22
Sasangasana m6-23 m7-23 m8-23 m10-23 m11-23 m12-23 m0-23
Janushirasana with Paschimottanasana Pt1 m6-24a m7-24a m8-24a m10-24a m11-24a m12-24a m0-24a
Janushirasana with Paschimottanasana Pt2 m6-24b m7-24b m8-24b m10-24b m11-24b m12-24b
Janushirasana with Paschimottanasana Pt3 m6-24c m7-24c m8-24c m10-24c m11-24c m12-24c m0-24c
Arda Matsyendrasana m6-25a m7-25a m8-25a m10-25a m11-25a m12-25a
Arda Matsyendrasana m6-25b m7-25b m8-25b m10-25b m11-25b m12-25b m0-25b