Bittersweet @ Bikram Yoga Kingston


Bikram Yoga Kingston

Bikram Yoga Kingston

Ally, Rieko and Tu

Ally, Rieko and Tu

I’m in Canberra, ACT Australia. Not the choicest destination for R&R but as good as any in the company of family, friends and yoga. I had all intensions of chilling, maybe taking a class or two in the back row, eager to hear anyone’s voice but my own.

But when you’re a Bikram teacher, you’re cursed in a way. Good/bad: your choice.

Travel is one of the best opportunities to inspire both teaching and practice. Go incognito if you can get away with it but when there’s a new voice in town, yogis want to hear it and sooner or later you find yourself up on the podium… and loving it. Fresh bodies to study, understand and encourage in their practice. Will they resist or trust a new voice in their studio? Ha, I was a little nervous and it felt good.

Don't you mean "Yoga & Happiness"?

Don’t you mean “Yoga & Happiness”?

Just as rewarding, is becoming a student again; ears, mind and body open to the same instructions yet unique energy and individual style. You evolve.

Thank you Ally and the team at Bikram Yoga Kingston!


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