Dicky Knees, Distractions and Desires

I’m currently researching while writing about Standing Head to Knee Pose. I’m tackling intimidating Dandayamana-Janushirasana because my genu have severely curtailed my ability in class. I’ve a horizontal tear through my medial meniscus left knee and a large Bakers cyst bulging out the back of my right. It’s a frustrating fraca so I’m tail up, head tumbling down a helix of anatomy books, yoga books, down, down, on my way down through a cacophony of online mindful, mindless maize of contradictions, contraindications, crazy yoga boga. Of course I’ve gone to the source, Bikram but dare I say it, he’s one of the main offenders!

I’ve opened a can of rotten worms I tell you!

IMG_1525 IMG_1535IMG_1530

Distractions and Desires

I’m staying sane with many a joyful jolly looking for a mid-length to add to my quiver,
I found a number 7’0 tinted in green so alive, Bikram would be livid.

But alas the search was short-lived so I’m distracted again, hand surfing for a handplane.

I desire one you see because I teach the 6 and 9, twice in seven with enough time in-between to make it mine oh mine in the sunshine.

And the beach is but at the end of the road where half the time it rolls unridden and it’s so precious… oh my.
A handplane at the end of the hand at the beach is worth more than two in the bush I say. And I will have it, I may.




 I’ve opened up a can of lovely worms I tell you!

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