Vajrasana for the digestive system

I’ve been researching postures efficacious for reducing acidity in the digestive system.  A simple pose to perform after each meal is Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose). Bikram yogis will be familiar with Vajrasana; in Bikram’s dialogue we are told to “sit down Japanese style”, the starting point from which we perform Supta Vajrasana (Fixed Firm Pose) and Kapalbhati in Vajrasana (Blowing in Firm Pose).

Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)

Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)


Stand on your knees with your knees together and your feet flat on the floor behind you. Your big toes should be together with your heels apart. Sit down onto the insides of your feet with heels on the outside towards your hips. Place your hands on your knees.


Practice as often as desired, especially for at least 5 minutes immediately after meals.


On normal breathing, bringing tranquility to the mind if the eyes are closed.


Increases the efficiency of the entire digestive system, especially if you suffer from indigestion.
Useful in relieving stomach ailments such as peptic ulcers or hyperacidity.


It is a meditation pose for people who suffer from sciatica and sacral infections.


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