Australian Yoga Asana Championship 2013

1st Place - Youth division - Aisha Patterson

1st Place – Youth division – Aisha Patterson

Whether you think there should be Yoga Championships or not, now is not the time for debate. You cannot not be impressed by viewing the videos posted of this years Australian Championship held in Melbourne on 10 Feb. The YSAA has done a superb job of posting videos and photos on the YSAA facebook page as the event was happening. Not just videos of the champions but other competitors from both Male, Female and Youth Division have also been uploaded; no doubt more are being added as you read this blog.

To stand on a stage and perform a discipline you nurture and hold true is commendable. Congratulations to all.

Competitor Mens Division – James McDonald (Teacher @ BY Kawana)

Photos sourced from YSAA facebook page; thanks!


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