Robbed… of everything!

Buenos Aires - ransacked in the first week

Buenos Aires – ransacked in the first week

Yeah, nasty story. Late evening on 11 Dec, our second week in Buenos Aires, Argentina, our holiday rental was totally ransacked! To our frustration and anger, an inside job: no locks or windows were broken so they must have had keys to our apartment. Not just ours; it turns out four apartments out of six were robbed in the building.

Robbed in Buenos Aires - few clothes left

Robbed in Buenos Aires – few clothes left

So what’s missing? It would be easier to account for what’s left: a few clothes and that’s about it, they even took our shoes.. haha (sad, bitter laugh, but getting over it as the days go by). My MacBook Pro, camera and video camera were stolen; they’re only pieces of equipment per se but what’s tough to stomach is this basically accounts for a whole years worth of photos and video of my journey… gone! Yes, I had a back-up: hard drives in the safe but they ripped the safe from the wall so our passports, credit cards and cash were also taken along with my notebooks, the source of these posts.

More on this later; for now we’re still dealing with the Argentinian Police, embassy etc but I’ll be back on track, posting soon. Thank the Gods we weren’t home at the time.


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