Vancouver Island getaway

Victoria, Vancouver IslandEveryone loves getting out of the big city once in a while so I was pretty stoked that my Aussie mate, Ryan organized a little getaway to Vancouver Island last weekend. We caught the Ferry across to Sidney then rode the 30 or so kms down to Victoria just in time to hit the 3:45pm class at Bikram Yoga Saanich.

It was so incredibly refreshing for me to practice at Saanich. This is the first time I’ve really broken my tradition of practicing at the one studio for the whole month but it would have been a quick trip otherwise and since it takes a while to transit to Vancouver Island, I wanted to spend a night there and soak up the vibes.

HanginIt was really inspiring to walk into the studio to see a huge 30 Day Challenge wall with 50+ names! It felt like I was practicing in a room full of energy – everyone striving for that little bit of magic which you feel when doing a challenge. I know it sounds cliched but I’ve felt very mentally flat lately and the yogis there really lifted my spirits! Plus Victoria is stunning and very relaxing. I practiced with Ida teaching on the Saturday and Peter on Sunday. Both were solid, concrete, with Ida having the same energy and style as Rowena (in Mumbai) which rocked me early in my journey. Thanks so much Anastasia & Abbey (studio owners) and the teachers and yogis I practiced with.

It was also cool to stay the night, Couch Surfing with Ryan and Frida – thanks for the hospitality and great night!

I’m off to Mexico next, so if you know anyone down that way let them know I’m coming and would love to catch up.

Couch Surfing with Ryan and Frida (middle)Bikram Yoga Saanich 30 Day Challenge wallOK so i had to do it!

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