Landing in Mexico City

Plaza in CoyaocanSometimes a last minute decision pays off, sometimes not. This time, I feel I’m where I should be – Mexico City!

I arrived at 2:30am, after a delayed connecting flight from Dallas so I spent the first night curled up on the floor of the airport.. nice! The next morning I booked myself into a quiet little hostel in Coyoacan, a very artsy neighborhood south of the city and within walking distance of Bikram Yoga Mexico‘s San Angel Studio. Of course I got lost walking to class the first day, then nearly knocked off the hostel bike the next but I’m glad to be somewhere so culturally different from Australia.

I’d been warned to only carry a few pesos in pocket, enough to sustain a healthy appetite of quesadillas, enfrijoladas and huevos frigoles, washed down with an ice cold horchata, so I was a little on edge and didn’t even take my camera out on Saturday night, much to my disappointment as it was packed with locals celebrating yet another festival; apparently October is a great month to be in town!

Oh I just realized I gotta run to class! I’ll finish this post off tonight and also post a few pics. Adios!


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