Clean Slate

After yet another touching farewell I find myself alone again. Well, not quite as I’m locked with many in a cylindrical bubble, vibrating on the runway about to hurtle towards another location, another challenge, another.. home.

We’re pushed back into our seats as the aircraft hungrily eats its way into the sky, sniffing an uncertain future, gnawing at expectations and swallowing my 30 day habitual life before spitting out swirling pieces of past: experience gained, opportunities lost, faces frozen in goodbyes and a growing knapsack of memories.

I glance out the small, oval, airplane window as Budapest gently drops below, pulling the spider web tendrils that tug one last time at my heart before they snap and the city which felt so much like a home away from home, disappears in a white cloud.. wow that was quick.

A clean slate. I keep staring out the window, hovering in never never land, not quite ready to imagine my next adventure. Suddenly the clouds part: a window into the past as Budapest is revealed far below but before I can smile it’s snatched away again.

Hmm yes, I understand now. I’m constantly moving forward but there’s always time to reflect on the past.


Thank you all in Budapest who helped me find my way.

Sorry for the absence of photos, for some reason I cant upload photos to accompany my posts and will get the problem sorted asap.


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