Saved by Couch Surfing

Finding a place to stay in Budapest was proving a challenge. Krisztina, co-owner / teacher at Bikram Yoga Kozpont was on the ground chasing leads while I was working cyberspace – emailing friends, posting on Facebook and sending out Couch Surfing requests.

Staying in a hostel is my last resort as I want to immerse myself in the culture of each country and the best way to do this is to stay and hang with locals, experiencing the culture through a mix of everyday life and days lost in exploration rather than through the eyes of a tourist following the lonely planet trail. Hey, I’m not bagging it but with 30 days in each location I can afford the time to do it, that’s all.

So I was lucky enough to receive a reply from Gergely (Gary) Mathe, an active Couch Surfer in Budapest with an offer to host me for 3 nights. With my own room, a cycle tour by Gary, followed by a home cooked lunch, I was in great company. Thanks mate, a bed will be waiting for you in Australia anytime!

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