Csepel Island photo shoot

In the balance

I was recently contacted by Monique Opetz expressing interest in introducing my endless bender in the Om Pages of Yoga Journal Germany. Wow, great exposure! Monique found out about my world yoga journey in the Bikram Yoga Hamburg newsletter.

Yogis at workKrisztina and LaciLaci framing another great shot

Monique requested a few photos so Krisztina asked Linda’s boyfriend, Laci (Laszlo Mudra) who is a professional photographer if he was free one afternoon. Laci practices Bikram Yoga too and was happy to help out so we drove to Csepel Island, Budapest where Krisztina’s parents have a little getaway on the lake.

You can check out a few more photos of the afternoon on my Flickr.

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  • Amanda

    Whats that on your face 😛
    Amanda OX

  • http://www.cookieweb.ie Heidi Jermyn

    Amanda! You are so mean!! I had to go back and look for them – so they’re not so noticable Matt. 🙂
    (Ok. so there were a couple! Like only 2 though!!)

  • Dagi

    Hey Matt!

    How funny! The Germans have heard about you! They call you “the likeable Australian” :).
    Maybe I should contact some TV stations, then you could get some on-air-time?
    Anyway, really good work Matt!!

  • Matt

    Cool thanks, that would be great Dagi, always the journo 😉

  • Matt

    Thanks Heidi, my little sister sticking up for me 😉

  • http://wwwbikramyogacaloundra.com.au Renae Marsh

    Beautiful postures Matt awesome photos! send them off to skins. Your a famous Bikram Yogi. Boss will be eager to meet you. xx