The best in the world?

My first post in Dubai and I’m struggling for words, probably because Dubai is on the surface, quite western and I’m still getting over the kaleidoscopic richness of Mumbai. I’ve been on foot, bus and bike, cruised down Dubai Creek by night and sipped coffee overlooking a ski park in Emirates Mall but I’ve yet to tickle the underbelly and take lead in my Arabian Nights adventure.

Dubai city certainly makes an impression with its glittering skyscrapers, architectural delights and mammoth malls, all boasting to be “the best in the world”. To really blow you away check out a map of Dubai showing the Palm Trilogy and The World, a development of man made islands, in the shape of palm trees and the world no less, just off the coast. For now though I’ll quench my wanderlust desires exploring back streets, souks and other hidden gems before getting lost in the desert.

Finally after frothing quietly away for far too long I eventually got my salty fix, running across the wide “open” beach of Jumeira, ripping off my clothes to jump in the crystal clear and surprisingly cool waters of the Arabian Sea. Most of the beaches in Dubai are the private domain of hotels and private residence with only 2 open beaches available to the general public. Crazy! If they tried this in Australia there would be a riot as we all know Australian beaches are.. “the best in the world”


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