Chor Bazaar aka Thieves Market

The saying goes “If you lose anything in Mumbai, you’ll find it at Chor Bazaar”. We hadn’t lost anything but thought it worth a look, especially with such an intriguing name. The market is huge covering several blocks and apparently offering everything from mobile phones to mutton chops.

We found ourselves lost amongst the hub caps and dismembered car section although we did find a barbers opposite an outlet stocking every conceivable horn manufactured in India (and perhaps the rest of the world) just down the lane from a large truck unloading what appeared to be sacks of onions. The market is packed with most shops wares spilling onto the narrow dirt streets and you wonder how the trucks make it inside in the first place.

We saw many goats, none of which appeared to be for sale dotted throughout the market, as happy and unpredictable as goats are and I couldn’t help chuckling as I remembered the one that chased Rowena all over the cricket pitch some weeks before.. but that’s another story!

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