Mumbai Mirror interviews EndlessBender!

Thanks to Riddhi Wallia, Proprietor of PR boutique, Mirabilis Inc (and fellow yogi) who plugged my worldwide challenge, the Mumbai Mirror picked up my EndlessBender story and ran it in their Sunday 29th March edition.

Nilanjana Nag, correspondent for the Mumbai Mirror, interviewed me for the article. Nicely done Nilanjana!. You can download the article “The Other City Of Joy” here. Mumbai Mirror 29 March 2009

Please note the corrections:
Aqueel Bali should read Akhil Bali.
“a man in his fifties” Rajesh Jain, is actually in his forties. You can read about Rajesh in my previous post.

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One Response to Mumbai Mirror interviews EndlessBender!

  1. Theresa Fahey April 11, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    Hi Matt
    I really enjoyed the Mumbai Mirror article. I was imagining the “40 year old” you were talking to, with an indian accent…am I right? It seemed quite humorous. You seem to be covering a whole spectrum of emotions on your journey – just amazing. I wonder if a woman could do the same? I’ll probably get slammed for that comment! (Hey, I don’t care.) Just wishing you luck and may your spirits keep calling you ever forward. Cheers, from Theresa at Maroochydore