Get Ripped, Get Pumped, Get on the Juice!

So what is Juice PLUS+® ?

I’ve been looking for a whole food based nutritional product to take with me on my journey for some time. I want to make sure I stay in top physical health while I’m away, putting myself through 12 continuous 30 day challenges!

We all know how hard it can be trying to get the recommended fruit and veg intake in our normal daily lives let alone while travelling. Don’t get me wrong I eat very well and I rarely eat junk/fast food. But am I eating enough of the good stuff?

Juice PLUS+® was referred to me by my brother, Mick. He and his family have been on Juice PLUS+® for about 2 years and he swears by it.

When Mick asked me, “Hey Matt are you eating enough fruit and veg?” I replied, “I’m a vegetarian, what else do you think I eat?!” After a bout of flu and feeling run down working long hours, I started to really think about it, well maybe I don’t eat the recommended intake every day.

Juice PLUS+® is simply, “The next best thing to fruit and vegetables”.

Why do I have a banner ad on my site?

I am an Independent Virtual Franchisee. If you click on the banner ad, it will take you to my Juice PLUS+® website. It’s a well presented site and a great read about Healthy Eating and The Science of Juice PLUS+®.

Sales generated through my site will help fund my journey and hopefully enable me to do more trips like this in the future.

I definitely feel I’m onto a winner here. I feel healthier, more alert and I’m able to bounce back quicker after surfing, cycling, workouts and Bikram Yoga.

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