Mapping the Journey

My Endless Bender Map

Here is a map I created with Google Maps, displaying place-marks of the 12 studios / countries I visited during my 365 Day Challenge. Click on the place-marks to show the studio details or the link below for the fully integrative google map.

View Matt’s Endless Bender in a larger map

My Bikram Yoga Worldwide Locations Map

In 2008 I started building my Bikram Yoga Worldwide Locactions Map, displayed below. I thought it would be a great visual reference and excellent tool for Bikram yogis and teachers to use during their travels. I contacted Bikram HQ and offered my map for Bikram’s website; I even offered to update it as new studios opened, free of charge. Perhaps, at that time, it was too revolutionary for them and I never heard back despite promises from management to get an audience with Bikram. Unfortunately, someone else “sold” the idea to him and years later it appeared on Bikram’s website. Bad karma guys. I was really disappointed; at least they could have given me the credit!

View Bikram Yoga Worldwide Locations in a larger map

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