Global Bender 2009

First ever Global 30 Day Challenge!

The halfway mark of my journey – June 2009. To celebrate and motivate myself, I took the challenge worldwide, hoping to inspire others to take up a 30 day challenge.

20 studios across 9 countries participated.
392 yogis signed up; 238 completed the challenge.
I am still waiting for 6 studios to send me their numbers; here is what we have to date:

Registered Studios & their stat’s

Please email me any photos, comments and testimonials and join the Global Bender Facebook Group.

  • kristin olsen

    My students take their yoga with them everyday, and around the world during work and play. We have always encouraged this type of behavior…lol…so we salute Matt and his “bender”. It will be a fun way to bring in Summer at the studio, and promote the Bikram method all year round.

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  • Martha Williams

    Come to Minnesota for the month of June, it is gorgeous here! We are having a special guest for a posture clinic Diane Ducharme. We are COO COO for Bikram!

  • Carolyn Jikiemi-Roberts

    We will join in with this challenge. The studio is only 4 months old, so this will be the first time for most of my clients.

  • Agata O’Neil

    Go Matt!!!

  • Sonia Perez

    My husband is Australian – if you want to come to California you are welcome to visit and inspire our students. Our studio is about 10 miles south of San Diego airport.

  • Toni Riki

    You go!!!!!!!
    spread the word
    Bikram Yoga heals

    Have Fun!

  • Martha Williams

    This is really great, so glad we can get involved.

  • Andreas Juen


    You rock, this challenge rocks.
    Look forward to riding the 30 day global wave here from East Vancouver, BC.

    Peace and Bliss

  • Maria Trim (facebook)

    wow wow wow wooooooooowwwwwwww!!!!

    ive got shivers all up and down my spine just from reading the comments here! sooooo cooooool of you Matt to bring together ALLLLL the bikram yoga addicts around the world!!! I have a feeling this is going to be something BIIIIIGGGGGGG! You have started a movement!
    Ive just finished my 30 day Dubai Bikram challenge (i started a lil bit earlier) and all I can say is my MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT connections are fully ALIVE AND KICKING!! hahah….
    Matt let me know if u want a travel buddy! LOL 🙂

  • Matt

    Haha your comment was really sweet, thanks Maria. Congrat’s on completing the 30 day challenge with all of us in Dubai, even if you got an early break on us!

    Hope you’re ready to do it all over again in June 😉

    Your welcome to join me in some corner of the world, although you better be quick, only 8 months to go after Dubai.. wow it’s going so quickly!

  • Matt

    Thanks a mil’ for all the inspiring comments coming in and also the emails inviting me to some lovely studios. Its great to check out all the very different, creative and cool websites out there!

    A massive thank you to all the studios that have stepped up and registered for the challenge..

    Spread the word, we gotta get a whole lot more stretchy love happening out there!

  • Renae Marsh

    Hey Matt
    All of us at the studio are so pumped up to join you to celebrate your half way achievement. Create a change in our life ,Create a change in our world! Awesome……. x

  • Tony

    25 days down and 5 to go – I have definitely gained additional strength and confidence in my practice over the past month. Thanks for the inspiration — Tony

  • Tony

    30 days done. Good luck with the rest of your travels Matt.