My Testimonial

During my career in the Royal Australian Navy, I pulled a hamstring (or that’s what I thought) while playing indoor sports. A physio worked on my hamstring, gluteals and lower back before giving up and referring me to a sports physician. I had pain spreading down my leg and it was only getting worse. Being in the Navy, I was restricted to conventional treatments and was prescribed cortisone injections in lumbar discs L4 & L5. The pain was masked for about a year, then came back.

I had discharged from the Navy at this time so I tried Chiro, Osteo and Physio (again) treatments over a number of years. I had no joy. A few friends had been telling me about Bikram yoga and eventually I got the message! In between film jobs, I signed up for a 10 day intro pass and practiced every day for 13 days, doing 2 classes a day most days; by the 13th day, the pain was gone! I was sold on Bikram Yoga. The studio put up a notice advertising a 30 Day Challenge but I was leaving for a 3 month overseas trip the next day. My mind couldn’t let go… Bikram Yoga and Travel: the idea for my 365 Day Challenge was born.

When I say the pain disappeared, that’s what it did… it vanished. I think the reason it worked so fast for me was the intense practice every day. I didn’t practice during my vacation but the pain stayed away. I returned to another film job but was struggling to keep up a regular practice. I was doing 12hr+ days on set and I couldn’t practice for months but as soon we wrapped, I was back to a regular practice of 3-7 times a week. All the while, my idea for the 365 Day Challenge ticked away; I started thinking twice about taking the next film job, then I met a wonderful girl but couldn’t commit because I had this crazy idea. I knew then, I had to make the trip a reality.

The rest is history.

  • Joe Garrido

    I did my first Bikram Yoga Class on May 4th., 2009. I started doing doubles right away! I am doing 730 Bikram Yoga Classes in 365 days for charity (The Lupus foundation). I am currently traveling around U.S. doing doubles. It is great! I feel great!!! I plan on going to Teacher’s Training in the Spring of 2010. If our paths don’t cross before then, see you there!

    Joe Garrido