Yoga Therapy Bender

Flowers at arms length and hearts abound

In Dec 2017, I completed my training towards a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy. Over 650 hours tuition, workshops, assignments, assessment and practical work over the past 3 years with Yoga Therapy Australia and Yoga Vaidya Śālā. Formal accreditation is gained once I complete an internship with Dr N. Chandrasekaran (Dr NC) in Chennai, India.

It will be a nice way to bounce from this year to next when I fly to the birthplace of Yoga in Feb, 2018.

The current path has been getting harder to beat my way along or is it that I threw my staff into the scrub a while back. I tried to kick off my brand name boots and turned my nose up at any social media clouds that were floating somewhere behind. I prefer the sunshine anyway, I mumbled to myself. Thinking I was climbing up, realising I was probably inching down and doing my best to stay level.

Anyone would think I was stumbling along a crumbling Himalayan yak track but first world problems seem big time when most of your yoga practice has been in a room full of floor to ceiling mirrors. They serve a purpose yes, but they’re only ever going to show the outside of you.

The past three years have been inward and it’s been a bender. Here I was thinking Yoga Therapy studies would provide me with a brand new kit to help others but from day one, I found myself on the workbench tinkering away in depths and crevices with tools in texts of Sanskrit so old they new better.

If I haven’t posted, it’s because I’ve been getting my head around the many levels of mind, bending with grace not grimace and assimilating the Yoga teachings of Krishnamacharya into the thread of a daily home practice. I’m getting ready to share again so if you’re around the neighbourhood, please drop in; I’m bona fide, qualified and can trick you up a treat. If you’re not local, there maybe a few clouds looming, a shower is good for the soul too.

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