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"Right you little..."

You can polish a turd… if you listen.

As a teacher, it can be upsetting, knowing your students asanas would improve if they listened carefully before moving their bodies into the same position as yesterday, last week, last month, last year. I often say during class, “Move your body to each instruction you hear”. However, the nature of Bikram Yoga can make you […]

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Bikram performing his sit-up

Sit-up and take notice!

Recently a visiting teacher from Brisbane, Australia came to teach at Bikram Yoga Noosa & Kawana. An observation she made was the yogis were not doing sit-ups as well as she was used to in Brisbane. I replied it was probably because the Kawana studio has just had it’s 1st birthday, the yogis were new […]

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It’s not you, it’s me

This week I started dialogue training with one of the other teachers at Bikram Yoga Noosa and Kawana. I started to feel the delivery of some of my postures was getting a little messy and I wanted to clean things up. In essence, when you return from Teacher Training, your dialogue should be verbatim. Unless […]

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