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Morter March - Think: "I am thankful and grateful for (goal)"

When Yoga is not B.E.S.T

The problem with being a Yoga teacher is that I expect the Yoga to be a somewhat cure all and when it doesn’t, I’m at a loss to choose another method or therapy for relief. I have little confidence in the medical system and after a recent injection of cortisone to my right elbow, although […]

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Veronika’s Chocolate & Fruit Smoothie Tips!

We are down a teacher at Bikram Yoga Kawana & Noosa; HELLO, DIDN’T YOU SEE THE JOB ADVERT – IT’S STILL UP FOR GRABS!. So I’m teaching a lot atm, plus I’m on a six week Bikram Yoga challenge! Veronika usually keeps me pumped full of goodness with more raw than roasted these days but she’s away […]

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Do Hot Yoga...

The next best thing to being inside: outside!

After a shot of cortisone in my elbow on Monday, I’ve had to avoid, frustratingly so, the surf & hot room in favour of taking it easy (honey). I self-practiced midweek in the heat before class but it was a little too early, considering the $150 spent to inject and the pain poked me back […]

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