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Benjamin Lorr

“Hell-Bent” update

This morning I received an email from author, Benjamin Lorr (see below). My previous post highlighted his new book HELL-BENT. It’s comforting to know my posts are getting out there but the really good news is there’s another insightful excerpt to read and more… So if you are over reading pointless magazine articles by one-class journalistic heros, […]

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Back to Hell

Essential reading for Bikram Yogis? Check out Hell-Bent by Benjamin Lorr. Released on October 30, 2012. Can’t wait that long? Read an excerpt here and it will take you straight back to.. Teacher Training!

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Back in Pest

So good to be back in Budapest. Even though I speak less than 20 words of Magyar, I feel at ease in this city, so different from my home in Stockholm for the past 2.5 years. Fair enough, my girl is Hungarian, her family and friends live here and it’s our default holiday destination, so […]

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