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La Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires

365 classes and finally starting to get it

While brushing my teeth tonight, I realised today marks my 365th class for the year! One class a day since 02 Jan 2009, with a double class in Switzerland and Sweden. My challenge is “12 Months, 12 Countries, a 30 Day Challenge in each” so technically 365 Days finishes on 01 Jan 2010; 2 classes […]

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Comfortably Numb

When you’re in a place, a kind of robotic, mental head space as I’ve been in the past week (since the robbery), it often takes something just as unexpected to snap you out of it and Tuesday 22nd was such a day. The day started with Pablo, a fellow yogi, treating us to a quick […]

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Perpetually in Rabbit Pose

Despite the frustration of dealing with the unfortunate  and unsavory events of the past week – robbery, police reports, embassy bureaucracy, access to cash, replacing passport, credit cards and drivers license while having to stomach the loss of some very sentimental memories stored on my mac and back up drives, life goes on.. Through this […]

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Robbed in Buenos Aires - few clothes left

Robbed… of everything!

Yeah, nasty story. Late evening on 11 Dec, our second week in Buenos Aires, Argentina, our holiday rental was totally ransacked! To our frustration and anger, an inside job: no locks or windows were broken so they must have had keys to our apartment. Not just ours; it turns out four apartments out of six were robbed […]

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The Movement to Make Bikram Yoga Carbon Neutral

I recently joined this facebook group: The Movement to Make Bikram Yoga Carbon Neutral. A group of Bikram Yogis and Teachers, and Especially Studio Owners who are DEDICATED to doing all in our power to make EVERY Bikram Yoga studio on Earth Carbon Neutral through energy efficient heat, lighting, hot water heaters and other appliances and […]

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Bikram Yoga Buenos Aires Foyer

Good morning Buenos Aires!

Twelve months rolls around pretty fast when you’re having fun.. hmm, I think there were a few other experiences thrown in there too haha but here I am, almost at the end of my Bikram shuffle with a month to go here at Bikram Yoga Buenos Aires, Argentina! After spending last month in a dank […]

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